Scuba Diving Masks


Scuba Diving Snorkels

DS1046 Blow Hole Scuba Snorkel
DS1156 Baja Scuba Snorkel
1046 blow hole
1156 baja snorkel
  • Three vents and twin baffle system
  • Replaceable silicone mouthpiece
  • Quick release swivel snorkel holder
  • Elliptical valve for drainage
  • Color Black, Yellow, Silver
  • Swivel silicone mouthpiece
  • Large bore tube
  • Large baffle exhaust system
  • Molded swivel snorkel holder
  • Available with PVC mouthpiece DS1156P yellow only
  • Color Clear, Yellow, Transparent Blue, Green

DS1560 Impre Scuba Snorkel
DS1052 Cortez Diving Snorkel
1560 impre snorkel
1052 cortez snorkel
  • Hypoallergenic clear silicon replaceable mouthpiece
  • Large tube
  • Large valve for drainage
  • Sized for adult usage
  • Color Black, Yellow, Transparent Blue
  • Lightweight design
  • Sized for adult usage
  • Hypoallergenic, Silicon mouthpiece
  • Large bore tube
  • Replaceable swivel mouthpiece
  • Available with PVC mouthpiece
  • Color Black, Blue, Yellow
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