Offshore Maritime compressors

High Pressure Cabinet Compressors

High Pressure Cabinet Semi-Enclosed Compressors

Cabinet continuous duty automatic High Pressure Fill Stations with protective enclosures for continuous operations. Fully automatic compressors that features an extra large capacity filtration system. Fill at a rate of 315 l/min / 14 scfm to 750 l/min / 30.5 scfm at max pressure up to 415 bar / 6000 psi. Also used in many industrial, fire department and professional applications. Suitable to compress Nitrogen.

SCA265E43CFSF3 high pressure compressor
SCA265E43CFSAP high pressure compressor
SCA650E43HDF-OP high pressure compressor
SeaComAir 265CFSF3 Cabinet
SeaComAir 300CFSAP Cabinet
SeaComAir 650 - 750HDF-OP Cabinet

Charging Rate 315 l/m / 14 scfm

Charging Rate 350 l/m / 14,6 scfm

Charging Rate 650 - 750 l/min / 27 - 30,5 scfm

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