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Nitrox mixes contain more than 21% Oxygen are known as; enriched air, enriched air Nitrox (EAN or EANx). SeaComAir LP Nitrox System uses a Semi-Permeable Membrane to produce oxygen-rich air (Nitrox). The Permeable Membrane System produces any blend of Nitrox from 21% through 36% Oxygen (O2) by de-nitrogenating (removing nitrogen). Portion of the nitrogen in air is separated out, producing a Nitrox mixture 21% to 36% Oxygen. The input pressure to the Membrane System determines the % O2 produced. The Nitrox is then delivered to a High Pressure (HP) Compressor to fill Scuba Cylinders or Storage Tanks. Nitrox is used within the Recreational, Technical and Commercial Diving.

SeaComAir 300EAN Nitrox Silent Electric

SCA300EAN Nitrox Compressor
SCA300EAN Nitrox Compressor
Capacity @ 12 Bar
Working Pressure
Dimensions LxDxH


L/min - cfm

Bar - psi

inch - cm

kg - lbs

dB (ISO3746)


7,5kW 230/400V/50-60Hz 3ph

1000 - 35

10 - 145


300 - 660


Standard Features
  • Low Pressure Silent Compressor cabinet for stationary operation
  • Supply Low Pressure Nitrox 21% through 36% Oxygen
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Safe, as there is never high partial pressure Oxygen involved
  • Main control panel with Hour Meter
  • High Pressure Automatic Shut Off
  • Temperature Automatic Shut Off
  • Automatic Condensate Drain
  • Integrated Air Dryer
  • LP Filtration for Membrane
  • Two Nitrox O2 Analyzers
  • Operates on CGA Grade D Air
  • Quiet Operation and Low maintenance
  • Rotary Screw Low Pressure Compressor
  • Nitrogen Permeable Membrane system
  • Air Volumen 10,8 – 35 scfm (300 – 1000 l/min)
  • Oil Type SeaComAir LP oil ISO VG146

SeaComAir 300 Nitrox Silent connection to an efficient Breathing Air High Pressure Compressor

Low Pressure Nitrox Generator connect to High Pressure Compressor Packages will supply 32% , 34% or 36% Nitrox. This systems are most cost effective Nitrox production from 300 L/min - 10 cfm up to 550 L/min - 19 cfm.

Compressor Match
HP Compressor
Eletric Motor
Charging Rate
Output Oxygen
SCA650HDF-OP high pressure compressor

SCA550E43/HDF-OP Cabinet

Fully Automatic HP Compressor

Continuous duty air cooled, four stage, four cylinder

9kW 400/440V 50-60Hz 3Ph

19 cfm – 550 l/min

32% Nitrox EAN

SCA650HDF-SL Silent High Pressure compressor

SCA400E43/HDF-OP Cabinet

Fully Automatic HP Compressor

Continuous duty air cooled, four stage, four cylinder

7,5kW 400/440V 50-60Hz 3Ph

14 cfm – 400 l/min

34% Nitrox EAN

SCA265E43CFSF3 high pressure compressor

SCA265E43/CFSF3 Compact Cabinet

Fully Automatic HP Compressor

Continuous duty air cooled, three stage, three cylinder

5,5kW 400/440V 50-60Hz 3Ph

10 cfm – 300 l/min

36% Nitrox EAN

Enriched Air Nitrox
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