Scuba Diving Masks


Scuba Diving Fins

DF0001 Jet Rubber Fin
DF2030 Profi Rubber Fin
DF0001 jet fin
DF2030 profi fin
  • Hydrodynamic professional Skin Diving rubber fin
  • Stream chanels and windows
  • For sport divers
  • Quick release buckle system
  • Sizes L/XL
  • High performance proffesional rubber fins
  • Open foot pockets
  • Adjustable rubber strap system
  • Sizes XL/XXL

DFN600 Duo-Vortex Fin
DF0331 Cobra Fin
DFN600 duo vortex
DF0331 cobra fin
  • Professional Scuba Diving fin with innovative hydrofoil design
  • Double layered construction
  • New age elastic material
  • Whale tail forward technology with balance flexibility produce maximum propulsion with less effort
  • 25 degrees angeled design
  • Super comfort open foot pockets
  • Quick release/adjustable buckle system
  • Color Black/Silver
  • Sizes XS-S/M-L/XL-XXL
  • Hydrodynamic two material professional fin
  • Powerful propulsion with less effort
  • Comfort open foot pockets
  • Quick release/adjustable buckle system
  • Color Blue, Yellow
  • Sizes S-M/L-XL

1275 Fin Spring Strap
1275 fin strap
  • Fin spring strap
  • Available for DF2030 Profi Rubber Fin
  • Professional design
  • Sizes L/XL
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