Stabilizing Jackets & Buoyancy Compensators, Snorkel Vest, Power Inflator

2990 Dominator Plus with Integrated Weight System

2390 Mariner Plus

  • Scuba Diving Jacket 1000 Cordura
  • Two integrated weight release pockets 10 lbs/each
  • Two trimm pockets
  • Heavy duty nylon single tank band
  • Power inflator
  • Adjustable comfort band
  • Backpack will accept double cylinder bands
  • Two large self-draining pockets
  • Eight heavy duty stainless steel D-rings
  • Two over pressure valves – (1) upper and (1) lower
  • Two hose retainers with quick release
  • Shown with AIR-3 as option available
  • Sizes XS/SM/MED/LG/XL
  • Scuba Jacket 1000 Cordura
  • Two over pressure valve
  • Power inflator
  • Expanding internal baffles for less body squeeze and better comfort
  • Backpack will accept double cylinder bands
  • Quick release heavy-duty shoulder buckles
  • Five heavy duty stainless steel D-rings
  • Large self-draining dual pockets
  • Two high visibility hose retainers with quick release
  • Sizes XS/SM/MED/LG/XL

2061 Snorkel Vest

1605 Dual Cylinder Bands

  • Single bladder
  • Single pocket
  • Oral pipe
  • CO2 Detonator fitting (option)
  • Color Orange
  • Dual or Single Cylinder Bands
  • Hardpack and Dual or Single Bands
  • Accept dual cylinder

2059 Power Inflator with Alert

DA1 Dive Alert

  • Power Inflator with Sounder Alert
  • Sounder Alert for audio signal above and below water
DA1 Dive Alert
  • Specially designed, small, light weight Surface Signaling Device
  • Emits a loud blast heard up to a mile away
  • Use quick-disconnect hose coupling
  • Fits All Standard Inflators
  • Option: DA2, DA3 Fits ScubaPro Air 2, SeaQuest AirSource